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Brett Martin expands its global reach in India

Plastic Sheets 08.12.2023

Michael Colquhoun from Brett Martin pictured with Abhishek Bhansali from Novalite Products LLP

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the growth and expansion of Brett Martin Limited.  We have entered into a strategic partnership with Novalite Products LLP, a start up in the field of Polycarbonate sheeting & PVC sheeting for Roofing & Cladding segments and Daylight Harvesting, to enhance our distribution capabilities and bring our products/services to even more customers.

This Distribution agreement marks a crucial step forward in our Brand and product presence in India.  Novalite Products LLP shares our commitment to quality, service excellence, and collaboration, making them the perfect ally as we navigate the exciting journey ahead. Building Brilliance Together Headquartered in Mumbai, with strategic offices in Chennai and Bangalore, Novalite Products LLP is a leading trading company driven by a team of seasoned professionals.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Extended Reach: Through this partnership, we are set to broaden our geographical reach, ensuring that our products/services are more accessible to customers in INDIA
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Leveraging Novalite Products LLP expertise in distribution, we anticipate streamlined processes and improved efficiency in getting our offerings into the hands of those who need them most
  • Collaborative Innovation: Joining forces with Novalite Products LLP opens up new opportunities for collaborative innovation. Together, we aim to bring even more value to our customers through cutting-edge solutions and services
  • Service Excellence: Both Brett Martin and Novalite are deeply committed to prioritising customer satisfaction. This partnership allows us to strengthen this commitment, ensuring an even better experience for our valued customers
  • We are confident that this partnership will not only benefit Brett Martin and Novalite but also create a positive impact on the Daylighting & Roofing Industry as a whole

Stay tuned for more updates as we work diligently to roll out the enhanced distribution channels and share the benefits of this collaboration with you. Partner with Brett Martin & Novalite Products and unlock brilliance in every corner. 

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