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Zund cuts new Brett Martin logo out of Calibre

Plastic Sheets 05.01.2021

Zund UK are first in world to router Brett Martin's new logo out of Foam PVC

Zund UK, part of the global Zund family, has become the first company worldwide to router Brett Martin’s new logo out of Foam PVC. The St Albans based subsidiary had already planned to test its versatile G3 3XL-3200 machine on Brett Martin’s 30mm Foamalux Calibre, 10mm Foamalux Xtra and 3mm Foamalux Light, so when the opportunity arose to router the new logo, they jumped at the chance.

Dean Ashworth, Sales and Marketing Director at Zund UK Ltd, commented, “We are extremely proud to work with Brett Martin and be part of their new branding reveal. We used the Zund G3 3XL-3200 to cut the shape of the new logo out of Foamalux products which we found ideally suited for processing on our cutting machine. The Zund G3 3XL-3200 is a very versatile cutter and allowed us to tailor the operation to suit the exact requirements of the material and the job. Brett Martin’s new logo required the cutter to create sharp corners, straight lines and curves all with equal precision, which the machine achieved without any difficulties.”



The 3.6kW router module was used with an R156 on the G3 3XL-3200 to cut the 30mm Foamalux Calibre, a calibrated PVC foam construction board which is suitable for many building and industrial applications, and well as for cutting letters or shapes for 3D signs and displays.

The same G3 3XL-3200 was used to engrave and cut the 10mm Foamalux Xtra, but this time using the E8 engraving bit and R506 router bit. The material can also be processed using a Zund 1kW router module.

Foamlaux Xtra is a recycled foam PVC product, with a black core containing up to 80% recycled material, and either one or two white foam surfaces made from virgin PVC. The black core makes it an ideal product for engraving and the smooth, bright white surface means it is the ideal environmentally friendly choice for printing.

The companies’ collaboration is part of Brett Martin’s Approved Partner Programme. The Northern Ireland based plastics manufacturer works closely with several printing and cutting machine manufacturers to test and showcase the printing and routering capabilities of its semi-finished product portfolio.

Simona Firth, Product Manager for semi-finished plastic sheets explained, “It is important for us to work alongside companies such as Zund. We need to ensure that our products can be successfully processed on the equipment which our customers use. By collaborating with the world's top manufacturers of processing equipment we can ensure that our products are continuously evolving and performing to the highest standards and kept up to date with the latest technology advances.”

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