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Brett Martin delivers a gold standard performance at Sport Ireland's National Indoor Arena

Daylight Systems 01.02.2021


Brett Martin Daylight Systems’ Marlon Clickfix VF polycarbonate glazing system is delivering exceptional natural daylight inside Dublin’s new National Indoor Arena. The system has been used to create a bright, appealing interior that will help provide the perfect environment for sports, whilst providing exceptional aesthetics.

Built by contractor Buckingham Group, this 18,480m2 multipurpose facility features 2300m2 of the Marlon Clickfix VF glazing system for the roof gables and as part of the triangular-patterned façade on the front elevation, a key architectural feature of this multi-sport arena.

With aesthetics, light and U-values a vital consideration for the design of the arena, Brett Martin’s daylighting solution offered optimum light transmission, minimal installation time and an ability to accommodate building movement. Specified in clear and blue glass polycarbonate, the Marlon Clickfix VF system ensured a fast and straightforward installation for roofing and cladding contractor, Roofscape.

Commenting on the project, Peter Hanvey of Brett Martin Daylight Systems said:

“Brett Martin was involved throughout the design, development and construction phases, ensuring design intent was translated with material use, along with appropriate and robust detailing. As part of this, the 17-metre high gable elevations were designed to maximise natural internal diffused light, and allow a cross flow of air to ventilate the internal playing environment.”

The design of both end gables featured a course of 2m light blue polycarbonate panels to the base, central 10m long panels, and maximum 5m panels finishing to the ridge. The Marlon Clickfix VF glazing bar system has been specifically developed for vertical installations such as façades, partitioning, rain screens and vertically-glazed northlights.

Forming part of the 520 acre Sport Ireland Campus in north Dublin, the National Indoor Arena comprises a National Gymnastics Training Centre, National Indoor Athletics Training Centre and National Indoor Training Centre.

Brett Martin’s Marlon Clickfix VF system has ensured this state-of-the-art sports destination provides an exemplary sporting experience for fans and athletes alike.

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