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2021 iAward winners

Plastic Sheets 23.11.2021

Brett Martin is delighted to announce this year’s winners and runners up of the 2021 iAwards! We would like to congratulate you all, and thank you to everyone who entered in this year’s competition.  

This year we have 6 first place winners and 5 runners up, in the following categories, Agriculture & Horticulture, Architecture & Construction, Fabrication, House & Home, Visual Communication and Glazing.

1st Place  -  Agriculture & Horticulture:  Nestle Museum, Guatemala

Nestle Museum uses Marlon ST for greenhouse glazing

  • Location:  Antigua Guatemala
  • Building Type:  Greenhouse Pod 
  • Product:  Marlon ST 8mm 4 wall Clear 
  • Distributor:  Solutech


  • Light transmission
  • UV Protection
  • Durable

This unusual greenhouse at the Nestle Museum in Guatemala is glazed using clear Marlon ST multiwall polycarbonate sheet. Each piece was cut into triangles, to give a unique look, and was also used to glaze the windows, giving a consistent glazing effect across the pod. 

This polycarbonate multiwall sheet was a perfect choice for this product, as it allows for light transmission through the clear sheet while filtering over 98% of harmful UV rays. Since the greenhouse is amongst trees, the durability and impact resistance of Marlon ST increases its longevity by protecting from falling branches and other natural debris.  

This project won 1st prize in the iAwards 2021 in the Horticulture & Agriculture category.

Runner Up  -  Agriculture & Horticulture:  Garden Centre, Costa Rica

  • Marlon ST used to create a canopy over garden centre in Costa Rica.

1st Place  -  Architecture & Construction:  Jansons Road Residential Screens 

Planted residential façade created using Marlon CST

  • Location:  Jansons Road
  • Building Type:  Residential 
  • Product:  Marlon CST
  • Architect:  Hayhurst & Co.


  • Structural durability  
  • Light Transmission
  • UV Protection  
  • Lightweight

This residential property on Janson’s Road, London won 1st place in the Architecture & Construction category of the iAwards 2021. 

This project was intended to give a ‘green’ face to the home, through the use of planting. Marlon CST corrugated multiwall polycarbonate was then chosen to be used to create the façade. Marlon CST was particularly specified to allow sunlight to penetrate to the plants and house, while providing protection from harmful UV rays. The clear polycarbonate screen still allows for the plants to be seen, in the daylight and with artificial light in the night. Parts of the screen will slide open to allow clear views out, allowing sunlight to penetrate fully into the bedrooms when desired, but provide privacy when closed. 

A requirement which was met by using this particular polycarbonate corrugated sheet, was the structural durability. Since it will be held against plants, the sheet will need to uphold any robust movement from the plants and weather. 

The aim of this project was met by combining the planting façade with Marlon CST, maximising daylighting, ventilation, views out, energy efficiency and thermal comfort. The architect stated that having chosen Marlon CST “…it reduces its visible ‘bulky nature’, it pulls the front elevation further back from the lane, reduces it in height and significantly minimises its visual impact from Janson’s Road.”    

Runner Up  -  Architecture & Construction:  Restaurant on the Marina

  • Canopy created using Marlon ST for Marina restaurant.



Marcryl FS used to create a model of the Eiffel Tower 

  • Location:  Germany
  • Building Type:  Model 
  • Product:  Marcryl FS  
  • Distributor:  eurolaser GmbH


  • Clarity 
  • Strength 
  • Light weight

A model of the Eiffel Tower model created from Marcryl FS by an Approved Partner, eurolaser. eurolaser had previously created a model of the Eiffel Tower from acrylic for its own offices to demonstrate the capability of its laser cutting equipment as part of a test using Brett Martin’s Marcryl FS, eurolaser made an Eiffel Tower model out of the acrylic sheet at its German demo centre, using its M-800 laser cutter. 

The model has been used in PR, brochures and in the future it is hoped to be on display in exhibition, as a way to show how Marcryl can be used in fabrication. 

This model placed 1st in the Fabrication category for the iAwards 2021. 

Runner Up  –  Fabrication:  Whitechapel London Offices 

  • Marlon Clickfix used for office internal partitions.

1st Place  –  House & Home:  Room in the Green 

Marlon ST used in DIY room extension

  • Location:  Germany
  • Building Type:  Room Extension 
  • Product:  Marlon ST 16mm
  • Distributor:  Wilkes Kunststoffe (DIY)


  • Light transmission
  • Easy to install
  • UV Protection
  • Thermally insulating

Marlon ST multiwall polycarbonate sheet was chosen to create a ‘room in the green’ a DIY extension onto a bedroom, bringing the outside in.  As this was a DIY project, Marlon ST was a perfect fit, as this product is easy to install, allowing for the customer to have no issues when using the polycarbonate multiwall sheet. 

The aim of this project was allow friends to meet in this extension, getting to sit outside while still protected. Marlon ST was chosen as it has great natural light transmission, and thermal insulation whilst protecting from the harmful UV rays. 

This project won 1st place in the House & Home category of the iAwards 2021. 

Runner Up  –  House & Home:  Bicycle Shed, Austria 

  • Bicycle shed created using Marlon ST for the roof.


1st Place  –  Visual Communication:  VIP Players’ Lounge 

Foamalux White used for large display letters in VIP Players’ lounge

  • Location:  Germany
  • Building Type:  Lounge 
  • Product:  Foamalux White 1mm
  • Distributor:  Stadur Produktions GmbH & Co


  • Lightweight 
  • Bright white colour
  • Rigid
  • Good impact resistance
  • Suitable for cutting and bonding

Foamalux White was cut and bonded to the customers pre-cut letter displays, as the outer face of this unique and impressive display. The foam PVC sheet had to be a rigid product, to allow for the product to be used the way the customer wanted. The bright white colour of the chosen Foamalux sheet shows the high quality of the product, which is perfect as it is being used in a VIP lounge. 

Since this product was in a players lounge, it was a busy atmosphere, where the product needed to meet the requirement of impact resistance. Foamalux White was chosen as a great fit for this need. 

This project won 1st place in the Visual Communication category for the iAwards 2021. 

Runner Up  –  Visual Communication:  Next Summer Refit 

  • Marlon ST brightening up Next summer window displays


1st Place  –  Glazing:  GE Plast Rooflight

Refurbishment of Bank Roof using Marlon FSX & Marlon ST 

  • Location:  Targul Jiu, Romania 
  • Building Type:  Cec Bank Branch 
  • Product:  Marlon FSX & Marlon ST 
  • Distributor:  GePlast 


  • Light Transmission
  • UV protection
  • Ability to cold curve             

Cec Bank in Romania needed to refurbish their polycarbonate roofing. The customer wanted to upgrade their previous grey polycarbonate roofing to a clear polycarbonate sheet, therefore choosing Marlon FSX for the dome and Marlon ST for the main roof of the building. Both of these products have a high light transmission, while protecting from harmful UV rays. 

They decided to go with Marlon FSX for the domed roof, as it has the ability to cold curve, therefore giving the domed shaped. Marlon FSX is a flat polycarbonate sheet with dual sided UV protection which prevents 98% of damaging UV radiation from penetrating the sheet, making it perfect for external glazing applications. 

This project won 1st prize in the Glazing category of the iAwards 2021.

Marlon ST was a perfect fit for the main roof of the bank as it is a lightweight insulating glazing material manufactured from damage-resistant polycarbonate.  Co-extruded UV protection provides resistance against the effects of UV weathering.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for sending in all your projects. Please keep sending in all your applications, and any received will be automatically entered in next year’s iAwards competition.

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