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Polycarbonate Panel Glazing System

Marlon Clickfix Cardiff Ice Arena

Marlon Clickfix1040 is a complete architectural glazing system providing quality natural light, superior thermal insulation and UV protection in addition to the impact resistance, resilience and structural strength inherent in polycarbonate. Marlon Clickfix1040 is a 40mm 10wall insulating multiwall polycarbonate panel providing a U value of 0.99 W/m²K, for a more energy efficient building. The modular design, consists of interlocking panels which simply click and fix into place for a completely seamless finish. Choose from three different glazing bar systems  - VF55mm (facades & cladding up to 6m), VF90mm (facades & cladding 6m-12m) & RL80mm (rooflights & canopies).



Polycarbonate Click Panel System Features and Options

Product Listing

Quad One Marlon Clickfix

Marlon Clickfix VF55

Glazing bar system for Marlon Clickfix1040 facades & cladding installations up to 6m
Belfast Waterfront Marlon Clickfix

Marlon Clickfix VF90

Glazing bar system for Marlon Clickfix1040 facades & cladding installations from 6m to 12m
Marlon Clickfix Rooflight

Marlon Clickfix RL80

Glazing bar system for Marlon Clickfix1040 rooflight & canopy installations up to 6m


Champs Fitness Arena Beirut
Champs Sports Centre
Marlon Clickfix1040 Belfast Waterfront
Belfast Waterfront
Ravenhill Rugby Stadium Belfast
Ravenhill Rugby Stadium

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