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Glazing Bar System for Rooflights & Canopies

Marlon Clickfix Rooflight

Marlon Clickfix1040 RL80mm is the thermally broken aluminium glazing bar system for use in low pitch rooflights and canopy applications.  The cleverly designed frame comprises an inner base with separate outer cap which very simply clicks together for swift and secure installation.  This combines beautifully with the click and fix mechanism of the Marlon Clickfix1040 multiwall polycarbonate glazing panels for seamless glazing with no visible fixings.  Marlon Clickfix RL80mm is suitable for use in a number of low pitch rooflight applications including freestanding rooflights supported by an upstand or builders kerb, abutment rooflights with adjoining wall and in-plane rooflights sitting flush into the roof surface.  It is also suitable for northlights and canopies. Click here to download the Marlon Clickfix RL80mm Factsheet.

Marlon Clickfix RL80 Features and Options

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