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Glazing Bar System for Facades & Cladding up to 6m

Marlon Clickfix Quad One

Marlon Clickfix VF55mm is the unique two part glazing profile system from Brett Martin which integrates fully with Marlon Clickfix1040 modular polycarbonate glazing panels.  For use in applications, internally and externally, the patented design allows for the glazing panels to be set into the system without rotation for fast and efficient installation.  Fully water managed, the panel is cantilevered within the profile over a concealed drainage channel allowing water to drain via the shadow gap.  Use Marlon Clickfix VF55mm for facades and cladding installations up to 6m. Click here to download the Marlon Clickfix VF55mm Factsheet.



Marlon Clickfix VF55 Features and Options

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