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PET Polyester Sheet

Marpet Range

Brett Martin's Marpet PET sheet range includes PETg flat sheet and aPET in flat sheet and roll options. Both products combine high optical clarity with excellent light transmission, strength and chemical resistance, Marpet-g FS is ideal for fabrication in particular vacuum and thermoforming. Marpet aPET and PETg are becoming increasingly popular for use in a wide range of glazing, fabrication, industrial, print and display applications. The Marpet range is 100% recyclable.

Product Listing

Flat aPET

Clear and resilient, Marpet FS is an ideal option for both internal and external glazing, sign and display applications.
PETg Marpet-gfs

Flat PETg

The excellent thermoforming properties of clear Marpet-g makes it the ideal product for sign, display and store fixture applications.

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