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Brett Martin Daylight Systems

Emirates Stadium Polycarbonate Canopy

The Natural Choice for Natural Light

Brett Martin Daylight Systems is the UK and Ireland’s leading rooflight manufacturer.  Over the last 50 years, the company has built a portfolio of rooflight systems including site and factory assembled industrial rooflights, domes, vaults, skylights and panel glazing suitable for application in a range of building types.  All rooflights are precision engineered to exacting specifications and tolerances in our purpose built UK factories which operate to rigorous EN 9001:2008 quality standards and ISO 14001 environmental accreditation.  With an impressive track record of involvement in prestigious contracts throughout the UK and Ireland, Brett Martin rooflights can be found, for example, in Galway Racecourse;  Wembley Stadium; Christie’s Old Brompton Road auction rooms; and in the stores of many of the world’s leading retailers such as Asda, Sainsburys, IKEA and B&Q. Visit Brett Martin Daylight Systems.


Industrial Rooflights

As market leaders, Brett Martin Daylight Systems have been an instrumental in the improvement of safety and manufacturing standards in the production of GRP rooflights. We manufacture GRP and polycarbonate site assembled and Energysaver factory assembled triple skin rooflights .  Our industrial rooflights are known in the marketplace for their quality, profile accuracy and choice of options, including safety levels, U values and fire ratings.  

Dome Rooflights

Our range of  Mardome dome and pyramid rooflights have been developed specifically for the flat roofing market in the UK and Ireland.  With a range of sizes, shapes, glazing, ventilation and opening options, Mardome rooflights can be configured to satisfy every budget and requirement.  Recent investment in product improvement has resulted in the development of our range of next generation Mardomes.


Vaulted Rooflights

Brett Martin Daylight Systems manufacture a range of vaulted rooflights suitable for every building type with a choice of Multivault GRP for industrial applications, Multivault SSR designed specifically for use in standing seam roofs, the architectural secret fix Marvault HF and Marvault RL for canopies.


Ritchlight skylights are a popular and versatile glazing system - the ideal way to create architecturally stunning pitched skylights in a variety of shapes, sizes, frame colours and glazing options. In line with today’s increasing emphasis on sustainability, we have added a unique thermal break to Ritchlight Ultra’s already outstanding engineering.

Panel Glazing Systems

Our range of modular panel glazing systems are known for versatility and ease of installation.  The Xlok panel glazing systems are factory assembled aluminium glazing units glazed with multiwall polycarbonate and interlock together easily on site for continuous runs of rooflights of any length. Whereas Marlon Clickfix1040 consists of interlocking polycarbonate panels which simply click and fix into place for a completely seamless façade.


To complement our extensive range of rooflight systems Brett Martin offer a range of accessories including uPVC rainwater systems, fillers, tapes, sealants and adhesives.